Practice Areas

Business Advisory Services 
Our firm provides business services such as: asset management, set-up and/or analysis of cost systems, inventory control, cash management, consultation on cost reduction, accounting policies and procedures, venture and other capital assistance, computer and software consulting, bankruptcy advising, business structures, buy-out agreements and securing loans.  We are experienced with mergers, acquisitions and divestiture of business entities along with investigative accounting and tax-free exchanges.  We can assist with tax elections such as: becoming an "S" corporation, entity classification and using the LIFO inventory method.

Client Base

Our individual clients work and/or live throughout the United States and some who are foreign-based.

Our business based clients include (but are not limited to): medical and dental practices, architects, engineers, law firms, real estate development and sales, car dealerships, restaurants, logging, plumbing, electricians, mortgage brokers, insurance, bankers, homeowners associations, private foundations, consultants, retail stores, distributors, marketing firms, property management, farming, landscaping, bakeries, film industry, hair salons, gas stations and the recreation industry, just to mention a few.

Tax Services 

Tax Preparation 
We are sticklers for detail to maximize every allowable deduction and prepare the most complex of individual, corporate, partnership, trust, estate and private foundation returns.  

Tax Planning
We believe the key to reducing your tax liability is to plan ahead.  We offer tax planning services for business and individuals and encourage our clients to contact us whenever they believe their tax situation may change such as if they intend to sell a property, get married (or divorced) or invest in a new business venture.  

Multi-State Tax & Multi-National Returns
Our firm has the experience to prepare any state tax return within the United States and has prepared foreign tax returns along with returns for United States residents working abroad.

Financial Statements
Our firm prepares Management Use Only financial statements and Compiled financial statements.  Contact us for more information about these financial statements and which one may be appropriate for your business.  

Payroll Services 
We offer payroll preparation along with preparation of the required federal and state payroll tax reports.  

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services.  
We offer weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual bookkeeping services along with accounting and advisory services throughout the year.  We utilize the latest technological advances to insure efficient time management. We are knowledgeable and support QuickBooks, Peachtree, Creative Solutions along with other financial and accounting software.

Treasury Services for Campaign Financing  
Scott Hansberry, CPA has acted as the treasurer for a public official running for elected office.  He is knowledgeable in the rules of campaign finance and is proficient in the reporting of the required campaign finance reports using the software program Campaign Finance Remote Filing Software (NC).  

Medical Practice Consulting  
Our firm has experience consulting with medical practices regarding profitability, utilization of staff and productivity, billing issues along with general management advice.  We are also proficient in the use of Practice Point Manager.

IRS & State Audit Support 
We assist clients with IRS, state or local income tax, sales tax, and payroll tax audits, Tax Court Protests and private letter rulings.